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Simplifytheweb is a FREE resource recommending products and services from other persons / companies. All services and products have been thoroughly tested by Simplifythweb and are used in conjunction with the site.

The goal of this site is to clearly define the best products and services, enhancing the user experience of, starting a blog. As my reputation is built on the success of my recommendations, I feel, after much research, that the products and services I reccommend are in my opinion to be the best choices in regards to building a WordPress blog.

Simplifythweb is built using those products and services.

If you feel in any way that you would prefer to deal with the companies direct. You are under no obligation to use the affiliate links on Simplifytheweb and may purchase the products or services directly from the companies or persons.

Please feel free to come back and use the resources contained on this site to help you build your blog.  I never recommend a product or service that I have not used myself.

I have affiliate relationships with Envato, GeneratePress, Updraftplus and Siteground.

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You can read more on the Federal Trade Commission Advertising Disclosure Guidelines