Step 4 WordPress Theme

Step 4 WordPress Theme

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog is another important component, and can be a little overwhelming. There are thousands of themes available, some are FREE and some are paid (premium).

WordPress comes pre installed with its own Twenty Seventeen theme, an updated version of the previous 2016 theme. In step 4 WordPress theme, I will guide you on how to choose the right theme to fit your needs.

So many themes, how do I decide ?

With so much choice available, how do I choose the right theme for my blog. No theme is perfect! Some themes are a dream, well coded, plenty of customization features, options, light, fast and SEO friendly. Others are your worst nightmare.

Choosing the right theme

To avoid the headache of having to browse through hundreds of WordPress themes. I am going to recommend one for you.  GeneratePress, a FREE WordPress theme with the option to upgrade to GP premium.

Not all WordPress themes come with the customization options that GeneratePress offers. When you upgrade to GP premium you recieve twelve additional add-ons, that supercharge your theme to whole new level.

For a small investment, which is still less expensive than many other premium themes. You will receive a fully customizable theme with twelve add-ons (Colors, Typography, Sections, Menu Plus, Page Header, Blog Layout, Backgrounds, Spacing, Secondary Nav, Copyright, Disable Elements and Hooks).

Step 4 WordPress Theme

I was blown away by GeneratePress! Most of the issues I have faced in the past while working with themes have involved changes that I wanted to implement. Only to find, that without editing the themes CSS style sheet, I was unable to achieve the look and feel I so desired.

Paying a professional can be expensive

A badly designed or coded theme that needs additional work can run into hundreds of dollars, for simple changes. This can be extremely frustrating! let’s get it right from the start and build an awesome looking WordPress blog, with GeneratePress.

Not sold, there are even more benefits!

  • 16000 Customers, 5 star review
  • Unlimited websites, add GeneratePress to any of your websites
  • 3/4 million downloads
  • Lifetime Usage, you own the theme
  • 30 day money back Guarantee

Step 4 WordPress Theme

I am so confident in my recommendation of GeneratePress. That I built my own WordPress blog simplifytheweb using GeneratePress and GP Premium.

How do I install a WordPress theme ?

1) Head over to your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Appearance”, a drop down box will appear, click on “Themes”.


2) On the next page, in the top left hand corner of the page click “Add New”.


3) You will now see ‘Add Themes’ – ‘Upload theme’ in the left hand corner and a search box in the right hand corner. Type GeneratePress into the search box to find the theme.


4) Next, hover over the theme and click “Install”. Now to activate the theme, head back over to ‘Appearance’ and click on “Themes”. You will see your installation of GeneratePress. To complete the install, hover over the theme and click “Activate”.

Now to move onto step 5 plugins, where we add even more functionality to our WordPress Blog.

Step 5 WordPress Plugins